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Not-so-fat cat. Sunbathing.





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Pepé Le Pew and baby too


Okay so the child I care for – Little Guy – isn’t exactly a baby anymore, but I still like to think of him as such (after all, I’ve been caring for him since he was only a few months old)! 🙂

I just wanted to share something funny that happens on almost a daily basis.

Little Guy is obsessed with one of their family’s cats. Let’s call her Red. Whenever Little Guy sees Red, he starts to squeal in delight, and begins chasing her. Red, who has no interest in (and in fact has developed quite an aversion to) Little Guy, runs as fast as she can away. Little Guy squeals, thinking it’s a game, and runs even faster. They run around the entire house in this fashion: Little Guy never quite being able to catch up to Red, Little Guy being clueless as to how much Red despises him, and Little Guy thoroughly enjoying “the chase.”

There have been, on a rare occasion, times that Red gets caught off guard, or the even rarer moments when Red actually lets Little Guy touch her. In these jewels of moments, he is in pure heaven. He coos in pure delight and grabs her fur and puts his head down onto her back. She gives him a purely evil look, gives me a look of miserable despair, then breaks away from his hold and the chase starts all over again. Pepé Le Pew style!

God I love my job.

(And god do I love Little Guy.)



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