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Haiku You

Wrap you in my love

Laughter, the best medicine

I sleep in your dreams


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Today I’m feeling unusually happy. For absolutely no apparent reason. Isn’t that the best?!

Perhaps it’s cause it’s Friday. Perhaps it’s cause I’ve had a wonderful day so far with Little Guy and I feel so connected to him and such love for him. And he fell asleep with his little arms wrapped around my neck and his head nestled into the crevice of my neck. 🙂 [Yesterday felt like such the opposite – so much anger and angst and disconnection from everything and everyone.]

So… Today I’m going to enjoy the happy!


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So much to be grateful for

Today is the last day of my time off from work. I have no obligations today. The day is for me to do as I chose, and the feeling is wonderful. Besides unpacking and doing some laundry and light cleaning, I am going to relax and watch the Olympics and perhaps journal. Then tonight I’m taking my partner out for a nice dinner to celebrate our five year anniversary.

I’m overcome with feelings of gratitude today. Gratitude for my life; to live in a wonderful city with my partner and my animals; gratitude for my friends; for my amazing therapist; gratitude for this wonderful blogging community and for all of you who read and support me on here. What would I do without this place? What would I do without all of you? You all have enriched my life in more ways than I could ever express.


And then tomorrow I get to see Little Guy again, whom I miss dearly. Almost two weeks away from him – I bet he’s grown a lot!

In this moment, everything feels strangely okay. I think I could get used to this. 🙂


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Tonight I’m sleepless, but not because of any anxiety or anguish or angst. My mind just won’t slow down. What I am feeling however is full of gratitude. For two people in particular. For my amazing partner, who loves me and accepts me no matter what. Who makes each day worth living because I know I’ll have her next to me at the end of it. Who supports me and wants only the best for me. Who is so amazingly beautiful in so many ways. And to my good friend. Who I’ve gotten to know quite well in the short(ish) time we’ve gotten to know each other, and who has been a daily source of acceptance, encouragement, understanding, and good ole laughs. We are able to help each other through the rough times and appreciate each other through the good ones. Oh and if all else fails, we send chocolate.

In this moment, it’s hard to feel upset about anything knowing I have these two in my life.

With my partner, my friend, and my therapist, I feel like I have a solid support net around me. What could there possibly be to complain about? (I’m sure I’ll think of something tomorrow… 😉 )


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