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Haiku You

Wrap you in my love

Laughter, the best medicine

I sleep in your dreams


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Party Sunday and 10,000 views

Today is my birthday party with my friends. As is typical in times I host a party (which is quite rare for me actually), I’m extremely anxious about it. I’m trying to just breathe, and remind myself that it will all be fine.

Also, today my blog has surpassed 10,000 views. Wow. It may not seem like a big deal, but I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment I suppose. Is that selfish of me? I’m just so grateful that people read, and even more importantly, that people find what I say useful. I am so grateful for this community of bloggers. I truly don’t know what I would do without you all!

Well I better get back to cleaning and making the lemon meringue pie for the party. Yummm!


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So much to be grateful for

Today is the last day of my time off from work. I have no obligations today. The day is for me to do as I chose, and the feeling is wonderful. Besides unpacking and doing some laundry and light cleaning, I am going to relax and watch the Olympics and perhaps journal. Then tonight I’m taking my partner out for a nice dinner to celebrate our five year anniversary.

I’m overcome with feelings of gratitude today. Gratitude for my life; to live in a wonderful city with my partner and my animals; gratitude for my friends; for my amazing therapist; gratitude for this wonderful blogging community and for all of you who read and support me on here. What would I do without this place? What would I do without all of you? You all have enriched my life in more ways than I could ever express.


And then tomorrow I get to see Little Guy again, whom I miss dearly. Almost two weeks away from him – I bet he’s grown a lot!

In this moment, everything feels strangely okay. I think I could get used to this. 🙂


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Vacation freewrite

20120729-070722.jpgPic from my drive yesterday.

Today’s the last day of my vacation. Later on we will make the drive home. For now, I’m going to enjoy the quiet and solitude of this cold and misty morning, the beautiful view of the water, the sound the gulls, and the leisureness of this time.

I am filled with joy. I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt such peace. Such tranquility. My life back home is filled with such inner turbulence and turmoil, and this is such a wonderful break from that. I hope to be able to carry some of this peace back home with me. Perhaps my empty fudge box will do. 😉

I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. For my life; for my friends; for this place.

I hope to give you all a piece of this tranquility.

And now, back to my coffee and my quiet thoughts. This world, for the moment, is mine to enjoy. =]


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blogging and gratitude

So it’s 7am on a Sunday morning and I’m awake and blogging. Something must be horribly wrong! Someone call the authorities!


Just kidding. I’m in a pretty peppy mood for 7am on a Sunday morning, aren’t I?


The reason I’m awake this early is that I’m driving out to the valley today to go hiking. I want to get an early start, because it’s supposed to be hot hot hot today. But I woke up about two hours before my alarm (can you believe it?!!) and thought I would spend the much needed time blogging.


I was one of those people who never really “got” blogging. That is, until I started doing it. A friend had a blog, and I thought, what the hell. I’ll give it a shot. And I’m so glad I have.

I know I’ve written ad nauseum about how thankful I am for this community, but I’m just going to go ahead and add another post to the “I am so grateful for this community” heap.

I have always felt a lack of connection, a sense of disconnect, from the world and the people around me. However much I tried, I never felt that I fit in. [And trust me, I tried hard. I even went so far as to join a sorority in college. Not my proudest moment. Don’t judge.]

I apologize in advance for sounding like a Hallmark card, but this blog has provided me with a sense of connection that I’ve never found in the outside world. There are a few select people who I feel understand me, including my partner, but as far as communities go, I’ve just never fit in. But here, we are all connected. People read, people share, people support. I’ve tried explaining to people – like my partner – who don’t blog just how much I get out of blogging. I don’t think she really gets it though. And that’s okay.


I want to extend a very special thank you to each and every one of you who have wandered over to my part of the blogosphere. And for those who have stuck, and who come back – whether it be daily, or whether it be from time to time – just know that I appreciate you more than you can know.



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The love of a partner

Tonight I am in awe of the love I receive from my partner. It grounds me. It stabilizes me. It strengthens me. It heals me.

To think that someone could love me so much, can see only my strengths, who wants only the best for me, who loves me with everything she has and with everything that she is. I am in awe. And I am tremendously lucky.

What would I do without her? She is the love of my life. She loves me through thick and thin. She supports me. She is there when no one else is. She is my best friend. I am very, very blessed.

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Words of appreciation

I have been going through a bit of a rough spell, but I just wanted to thank all of you in this blogger community for being there, for offering support, and for being you. Today was spent reading and responding to many of the amazing blogs on here that I follow; your words give me inspiration. Thanks for reading, and thanks for writing the blogs you do.


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