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The myth that is my heart

A heavy heart, weighed down
By mountains of loss
Where do I find my place among
The chaos of this disrepair
Where solitude and peace remain
Ever elusive
Longing for the tide to come and
Sweep me away
But the sands in my heart remain dry
Having been abandoned by the sea
Centuries ago
I know
My place is not here, but where
Belonging nowhere
A drifter in the wind, with nowhere to go
A metaphor
A myth
A lie?
Who am I to say
Who am I to know
Who am I to stay and abandon myself
To the prison bars of apathy


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Empty, broken, humming

She walks the streets that do not speak

Empty bottles, broken hubcaps, humming street lamps

All look away

She longs

Longs for something from another world



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Back to my life. No thanks.

Home. Feeling blah. Anger pushing up. Ggg. Why must I return to my life. I don’t want my life. I don’t want to be me. I want to be on permanent vacation. A forever escape. Why did I have to come home. I should be happy I’m home. Right? Back with my cats? Back with my partner? Why am I not happy? And where did my peace go? Sorry I must sound like a child complaining. Sometimes I just wish I could press a button and make everything feel easier.


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Where have you gone

My love

Where did you go?

You have left

And all that remains

Is the shadow of your embrace

I see you in the trees

I hear you in the wind

Yet you are not here

My soul cries out for you

And I wonder

Where have you gone?


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Looking for myself

I am looking for myself for I am lost
I can feel myself close
Just right around the corner
Or am I?
I can feel the anguish I am experiencing
I can feel my sense of fear
I can tell that I am scared
Being lost, and not able to find my way
I close my eyes and listen
I hear nothing but silence
Where am I
How do I find myself
And bring me home?

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Let me dig myself a grave

Let me dig myself a grave to lay my body in
Once my body’s quiet I pray restfulness begins
For I can’t take my mind no more; this panic and this stress
Instead I’ll lay my body down and give this mind a rest

A rest from what, I’m not quite sure, but pressure’s rising fast
A tidal wave heads toward my shore, from which I cannot last
The wave will catch me in its might and wrestle me about
Under water I’ll be flung and there’ll be no way out

Instead I’ll dig myself a grave, a peaceful place to lie
Buried, hidden from the world and free from passers by
This grave where I’ll lay myself down will be a welcome cave
Protecting and embracing me while my mind melts away.

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Where to now

When all is lost and all is forgotten,
Where to now
When hope has left and the house is now empty,
Where to now
When shattered dreams haunt your waking days,
Where to now
When everyone you’ve ever loved is gone,
Where to now
When loneliness shrouds your heart in darkness,
Where to now
When life has abandoned you again and again,
Where to now.

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