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I am lost in a sea of my own mindfulness
Thoughts lap like waves against the walls of my mind
Which hold together my sanity
That has begun to unravel
Or perhaps has always been unraveling

Serenity or sanity – which do you choose?


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My mental dungeon

My mind has been thrust into a dungeon of darkness and nightmares
that, for most, exists exclusively in the hidden folds of the mind and emerges only upon sleephood. My nightmares of feelings come at all hours. They strangle and constrict my psyche. They choke my joy. They bleed my inner wounds. They paralyze my forward movement. They wring my conviction dry.

Won’t someone rescue me from this dungeon? Oh wait… no one can. Not even myself.

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In my universe

***trigger warning: graphic***

Pain shreds my brain.
wanting to turn my insides out
Shredding skin, please
Piercing flesh, more
Bashing brains
Highway trains
Empty remains
Catatonic explains
This pain
That rings me inside out.

String me up: like a piƱata
Knock me down: to the ground
And do it over and over and over again.
Til all flesh has died
Til all is quiet inside
In my universe

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