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Chasing sunsets

I have to share these photos with you. The sky, last night, exploded with amazingness. I was driving home from therapy. I was about to turn right, to make my way back to the freeway, when I looked left, and saw this:


Amazing, isn’t it? Rather than swerving and turning left instead of right and therefore causing an accident, I turned my car around – when it was safe to do so, and began driving in the direction of the beauty explosion (aka sunset). Here are a few pics I took along the way.




It was finally time for me to say bye to the gorgeous sky and head back home to cook some dinner for my partner and I. I got lucky enough to have the gorgeous sunset still in my view in my side mirror! Check it out!!


How can someone not be happy looking at a gorgeous sunset! 😀



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pic-a-day sunday (final day)

Today is my final day in a week of sharing a photograph (or two… or three) per day with all of you. I hope you enjoyed them! I would like to finish off the week by sharing with you pics that I took on my road trip coming back from visiting my aunt a couple weekends ago. It was a happy sky during sunset, and I took full advantage with my camera (iPhone).

20120902-120744.jpgDancing clouds

20120902-120819.jpgRoad to nowhere

20120902-120924.jpg sky is singing

20120902-121017.jpg pink

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pic-a-day saturday

20120901-105356.jpgBrandi Carlile at the Orpheum

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pic-a-day friday

Pic for Friday:

Ugly or beautiful?



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