Long summer nights

I’m feeling particularly lonely tonight. And it’s not just tonight. It’s been a string that’s been tugging on me these last few days.

To give you readers an update, my partner and I are working things out. And that all feels really good. But then there’s just this nagging loneliness.

I’ve always felt very alone in this world. And it seems no matter how many social things I do, it doesn’t really seem to affect my overall level of loneliness. I think the thing that feels most lacking is having close friends. And I don’t mean this as a slight to my good friends. It’s just, I suppose I long for closeness with other people. Besides my partner I mean. And the ways I feel closest to people is in person and on the phone. Not texting. And what sucks is, my closest friends like texting to be the primary mode of communication. And this perhaps adds to the feelings of loneliness. Because how can you feel close to someone when you are typing words on a screen? I suppose some do. In fact, I know they must, otherwise they would seek out other means of connection. But for me it just leaves me feeling lonely.

Perhaps it’s related to the aspergers. Because I do have aspergers. And people who have aspergers tend to feel like perpetual outsiders in their lives. That pretty much fits me to a T. I prefer one-on-one to group things any day, although don’t get me wrong I enjoy group things. And I guess I feel as though I hardly see my friends on a one-on-one basis. People are busy. They have their own lives, I totally get it. But I feel like I’m stuck in this ongoing wheel of loneliness that I can’t get off of.

Some people are very content being alone and spending time alone. I’m quite the opposite. And yet I feel like I spend so much of my time – when I’m not with my partner, alone.

I don’t know how to make it better or remedy it. I’m not very good at making friends, since there are few people who I truly feel comfortable with.
And the friends I have are the kind of people who seem to cherish their time alone, for the most part. Except for my one friend who has aspergers who lives in another state. He helps me to feel less alone…

That’s all for tonight. I apologize if this is a woe-is-me post. I’m just feeling lonely and longing for connection. And I realize that sometimes even when I long for it, I don’t necessarily get to have it. That’s life I suppose.



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3 responses to “Long summer nights

  1. I understand what you’re talking about. I’ve felt that way for pretty much my entire life, and it’s felt more pronounced lately. I don’t have any brilliant solutions or anything (I wish!), but I wanted you to know it’s not just you.

  2. helenrobinroden

    Hi there

    I am really glad to hear that you are working on your relationship.

    I too suffer with Asperger’s, although am awaiting my diagnosis. I can relate to what you are describing. Loneliness I think is definitely part of the complex, but as you learn to trust yourself, others and the process of relationships more and more, the sense of loneliness eventually dissipates. However, it is worth accepting that you may simply be living with the ‘feeling’ for life to some degree or another, even if the reality is .

    The key is firstly to accept it as just a feeling, not necessarily as a truth. That is, you might feel a sense of emptiness inside that you equate with being lonely, but remember it is just a physical feeling. Take a step back, and look at your life: from the outside, are you really ‘alone’? Who is there to offer you support if you were to pick up the phone? If no-one, then there are ways of stepping out and finding that support, either online, or off.

    I have just started a blog to share with and support others also suffering with Asperger’s. It may be helpful, or not. I would anyway value your feedback.

    Good luck, and remember, you are not alone, even if your body is trying to trick you through feeling into believing so.

    Take care.


  3. helenrobinroden

    *Even if the reality is ‘otherwise’ I mean!

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